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15 Fertility Journal Prompts to Help You Cultivate Gratitude

It may sound weird to talk about gratitude when you’re struggling to get pregnant. But real science supports the idea that people who focus on gratitude–the good and positive things in their lives–are happier and healthier. If you’d like to learn more, check out my post about gratitude. Or just grab your fertility journal, choose one of these prompts, and start writing!

1. What made you smile or brought you joy today?

2. What is a quality in yourself that you appreciate?

3. Think about the supportive people in your life. How have they shown understanding and

care during your journey with fertility?

4. Think about something in nature that you find beautiful or inspiring? Why are you thankful

for it?

5. Think about the moments when you most connect with your partner. What aspects of your

relationship bring you comfort and joy, and how can you express gratitude for them?

6. Consider the strength within yourself that you may not have recognized before. How have

you shown resilience in the face of fertility challenges?

7. Is there a place that holds special meaning for you? Why are you grateful for the experiences

you've had there?

8. Thinking about your fertility journey, what signs of progress, no matter how small, have you

seen that you are grateful for? What motivates you to keep going?

9. What lessons have you learned on your fertility journey that might serve you well in other

aspects of your life?

10. What is a book, movie, song, or piece of art that you are thankful for? How has it impacted


11. Reflect on the beauty and resilience of your body. What are some aspects of your physical

health that you appreciate, regardless of your fertility challenges?

12. Think beyond your fertility journey: what aspects of your envisioned future bring you joy and


13. Think about a skill or talent you possess. How has it enriched your life, and why are you

grateful for it?

14. Have you received excellent care from any doctors, nurses, or other professionals along your

fertility path? Who were they and what was so special about their support or guidance?

15. What is/are your favorite quotation(s)? Why do they resonate with you?


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