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Hi, I’m Becky and I'm a fertility mindset coach.

About Me

When I graduated from college with a degree in geology, I had every intention of following my childhood dream of becoming a paleontologist. I had my dream job at The Field Museum in Chicago, working on the exhibit for their (at the time) newly acquired T. rex named Sue. The next stop was going to be graduate school.


Well, life happens and plans change!

I ended up following another passion—fitness. I started my coaching career nearly 20 years ago when I got my personal trainer and group fitness certifications from the American Council on Exercise.

Shortly thereafter my husband and I decided it was time to start our family. Just like everyone else, we assumed it would be easy—I mean, you just go off birth control and have some fun sex, right? If only!


You can read my full story here, but suffice it to say that the next 5 years were filled with twists, turns, ups, downs, bad doctors, good doctors, meds, surgeries, and more meds. And then I needed a break.


After six months of "not trying," I got started again, but this time I was interested only in alternative treatments. Mayan massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation. I was all in. And it worked.


After another six months, much to our shock and amazement, I was pregnant with our first child.


I struggled a bit again to get pregnant with #2, but when I finally did I had my big “ah-ha” moment where I realized that the link between my mind and body was not only real, but the key to my ability to get pregnant. I’d finally figured it out and getting pregnant with Baby #3 was a piece of cake!

The decision to pivot from fitness coaching to fertility coaching was a natural one. Infertility is awful, and I want to provide women with the kind of help and support I wish I’d found sooner. Helping women move through their journeys with a more relaxed and healthy mindset is something I truly love.

My Credentials:

BA Geological Science, Northwestern University

Personal Trainer certification, American Council on Exercise, 2004

Group Fitness Instructor certification, American Council on Exercise, 2004

Health Coach certification, American Council on Exercise, 2010

Hypnosis Practitioner certification, NLP Center of New York, 2020


Have a question? Interested in working with me? I'd love to chat!

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