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Fertility Support Plan
6 Sessions

Single Session
1 hour

IUI/IVF Support
3 Sessions

Welcome to the
Fertility Support Plan!

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Lasting positive change takes time. In order to support you as you make those meaningful changes and improve your fertility naturally, I offer a 6 session fertility support package.


Over the course of 6 sessions, spaced weekly or bi-monthly, we meet virtually for one 90-minute session and five 1-hour sessions.

This plan is perfect for you if:

  • you are interested in optimizing your fertility prior to trying to conceive

  • you are working through unexplained infertility

  • you are undecided about trying an assisted reproductive technique and would like to try something else first

  • are already planning to use IUI or IVF, and would like to optimize your fertility in the weeks leading up to the procedure


The details of your program are customized

specifically for your unique needs. However, each meeting will consist of some combination of discussion, goal setting, strategy talk, and guided meditation or other visualization/relaxation exercise.


In between sessions you will have a small “homework” assignment to reinforce what we’ve discussed together. And you’ll have access to me through email if you feel like you need additional support throughout the program.

Your fertility program is tailored specifically to you, but topics I often help women with include:

  • Managing the stress that comes along with fertility problems

  • Learning to tap into your inner wisdom (intuition, gut feelings, etc.)

  • Making small but meaningful lifestyle changes that will enhance your fertility naturally

  • Creating a positive fertility mindset

  • Having confidence in your body’s ability to conceive and carry a baby

  • Handling unexpected situations like surprise baby announcements and negative experiences in doctor offices

  • Keeping worries from spiraling out of control

  • Managing anxiety following pregnancy loss

At the end of our time together you will feel rejuvenated, confident, and ready to welcome a baby into your life.

IUI/IVF Support

This 3 session program is designed specifically for women who are starting IUI or IVF. This program provides you with the tools and support you need as you go through this exciting yet challenging process. I will teach you breathing and relaxation techniques for you to use on your own, whenever you need them, and I will take you through guided meditations and visualizations designed to enhance your treatments, and your sense of well-being.

The timing of the three sessions are flexible, but in general, we would meet for the first time at the beginning of your treatment cycle, and a second time either just before, or just after your insemination or embryo transfer. Our third session would be after you get your pregnancy results so that I can support your next steps, whatever they may be. 

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Short on time? Book a single session.

Book a single 60 minute session to focus on one specific area of your fertility journey. Maybe you need help figuring out next steps, want to learn a few stress reduction techniques, or simply need someone to listen and serve as a sounding board as you talk through your situation. 


Whatever the case may be, you'll come away from our session with valuable tools and insights.

"She really helped recalibrate my mentality and taught me some coping mechanisms for fertility anxiety."
-C. in the U.K.

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